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Check here the publications achieved during

the NITRATE project

Aksana Atrashkevich, Ana S. Fajardo, Paul Westerhoff, W. Shane Walker, Carlos M. Sánchez-Sánchez, Sergi Garcia-Segura.

Water Research 225 (2022) 119118.

Laís G. Vernasqui, Alexsandro J. Dos Santos, Guilherme V. Fortunato, Matheus S. Kronka, Haruna L. Barazorda-Ccahuana, Ana S. Fajardo, Neidenêi G. Ferreira, Marcos RV Lanza.

Chemosphere 305 (2022) 135497.

Gabriel Antonio Cerrón-Calle, Ana S. Fajardo, Carlos M. Sánchez-Sánchez, Sergi Garcia-Segura.

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 302 (2022) 120844.

Effect of surface functionalization of Fe3O4 nano-enabled electrodes on the electrochemical reduction of nitrate

Mariana Marcos-Hernández, Gabriel Antonio Cerrón-Calle, Yulu Ge, Sergi Garcia-Segura, Carlos M. Sánchez-Sánchez, Ana S. Fajardo, Dino Villagrán. Separation and Purification Technology 282 (2022) 119771.

Maria de Lourdes S Vasconcellos, Luiz Ricardo G Silva, Chung-Seop Lee, Ana S. Fajardo, Sergi Garcia-Segura, Josimar Ribeiro.

Sensors 21 (2021) 3450.

Effect of electrochemically-driven technologies on the treatment of endocrine disruptors in synthetic and real urban wastewater

Alexsandro J. dos Santos, Ana S. Fajardo, Matheus S. Kronka, Sergi Garcia-Segura, Marcos R.V. Lanza.

Electrochimica Acta 376 (2021) 138034.

Mass transfer and residence time distribution in an electrochemical cell with an air-diffusion electrode: effect of air pressure and mesh promoters

W. S. Walker, Eliane B. Cavalcanti, Aksana Atrashkevich, Ana S. Fajardo, E. Brillas, Sergi Garcia Segura.

Electrochimica Acta (2021) 138131.

Earth-abundant elements a sustainable solution for electrocatalytic reduction of nitrate

Ana S. Fajardo, Paul Westerhoff, Carlos Sanchez-Sanchez, Sergi Garcia-Segura.

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. 281 (2021) 119465.

Disparities between experimental and environmental conditions: Research steps towards making electrochemical water treatment a reality

Sergi Garcia-Segura, Alec B. Nienhauser, Ana S. Fajardo, Rishabh Bansal, Christian L. Coonrod, John D. Fortner, Mariana Marcos-Hernández, Tanya Rogers, Dino Villagran, Michael S. Wong, Paul Westerhoff.

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry. 22:9 (2020) 16.

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